Rooted Recommends: Two Podcasts About Parenting Pastors’ Kids

The Glass House, a podcast for pastor’s families, has released two episodes particularly for questions pastors have about parenting. The first episode, ” Growing Up In the Glass House,” with Barnabas Piper, is a great listen for any parent. As the son of renowned theologian John Piper, Barnabas definitely has experience with growing up in the “PK” spotlight. Parents will be encouraged that he speaks with love and warmth about his parents, his experience growing up in their home and church, and — best of all– he has a robust personal relationship with Jesus. Far from being scarred by his experiences, Barnabas Piper is a pastor himself, raising two daughters.

The second podcast, Is Ministry Ruining My Kids’ Lives? with Holly Knight, details the experiences of another ministry couple, Holly and Bradley Knight, and their five children.

To give you and idea of how she answers the question, here’s a peek at how Holly has written of her family:

In all my wrestling with the Lord, he has been so gracious with me. He has assured me again and again, and I believe this to my bones: His plan for me and Bradley is also his plan for our children.

God’s calling on our lives is also his calling on our kids’ lives.
God’s anointing on our lives is also his anointing on our kids’ lives.
God’s assignment for our lives is also his assignment for our kids’ lives.
God’s covering over our lives is also his covering over our kids’ lives.
God’s grace for our lives is also his grace for our kids’ lives.
God’s strength for our lives is also his strength for our kids’ lives.

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