Rooted Recommends: Preston and Jackie Hill Perry on Gender Identity, Biblical Womanhood, and Girly Girls

Husband-and-wife team Preston and Jackie Hill Perry are wise guides for our current times. Thankfully their podcast (which has now moved to their Instagram platform @jackiehillperry), “Thirty Minutes with the Perrys,” gives us access to their biblical counsel. Offering “a whole lot of truth given in a short amount of time,” the Perrys bring insight and wisdom to issues as varied as marriage, gender, politics, race, theology, and parenting.

In this particular episode, Gender Identity, Biblical Womanhood, and Girly Girls, Jackie talks with her husband about growing up as a girl who not only wasn’t interested in painting her nails, she actively wanted “to be a boy because being a boy was better.” When she became a Christian, she discovered the truth that “Jesus has called me to be totally myself, yet empowered by the Spirit.” By exploring what the Bible actually says about womanhood, she realized that being made in the image of God did not mean she needed to embrace dresses and purses; it meant that “God made me a woman not only for His glory but for my good.” Embracing the truth of Colossians 1:16, “For by Him… all things were created through Him and for Him,” Perry was free to be the woman God designed her to be, and to find joy in both her body and her identity.

We commend this episode to anyone who is seeking to understand what the Bible says about manhood and womanhood and to discern what notions our particular culture has constructed for us. It’s rich with insight that we all need at time when issues of gender are fraught with pain and tension. Jackie has found healing and transformation in Christ, and her story gives us hope that each of us can too.


Jackie Hill Perry is the author of Gay Girl, Good God, a memoir about her experience of meeting Jesus and how he changed her life.

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