Rooted Recommends: Loving the Parents of Transgender Children

A New and Quiet Type of Suffering addresses the pain experienced by parents whose children have come out as transgender.

In this profoundly helpful and compassionate article, writer Cindy Matson explores some of the things that parents with transgender children may be experiencing. She gives solid biblical counseling to the friend or minister who wants to support a parent who is likely experiencing loss, shame, confusion, and betrayal in the wake of a gender transition. Matson does not give easy answers or assume that all parents process this experience the same way. Instead, she asks how we might offer solid gospel hope to the mom or dad who is grieving the transformation.


We hope you’ll join us at the 2021 Rooted Conference in Birmingham Alabama, October 7-9. During the workshop Bruised Reeds and Broken Body: Responding to the Transgender Debate with Grace and Truth, Dr. Andrew Walker will address the transgender debate in America. His talk will focus on understanding the ideological complexity of the issue, how to understand the Bible’s witness on matters of gender and gender identity confusion, and the inherent problems of the transgender worldview.

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