Rooted Recommends: Four Articles For Parents About Engaging the Culture

Parent, apologist, writer, and speaker Natasha Crain ( has released a series of articles that will be helpful to parents discipling their teens in this time of social turmoil.

Five Ways Christians Are Getting Swept into a Secular Worldview in this Cultural Moment

If you only have time to read one of these, read this one. Crain offers very practical ways Christians can approach this cultural moment with biblical compassion and integrity. “If someone shames you for not being ‘loving,’ remember that Godly love is wanting for others what God wants for them—even when that’s not what they want for themselves.”

Christian Naivety Is Harming the Church’s Engagement With Today’s Culture

“When someone attempts to clarify the line between biblical and nonbiblical thinking, they’re not ‘scared’ of what others believe or suggesting that there can be no common ground at all; they’re illuminating important differences because Christians should be able to see clearly enough to guard God’s truth from error (1 Tim. 4:16).”

How to Build A More Discerning, Less Naive, and Better Culturally Engaged Church 

Crain begins by making the essential claim that before we engage the culture as Christians, we have to know and understand what the Bible says- and care deeply about the issues Jesus explores. “A church filled with Christians who lack conviction that Christianity is the one true worldview is a church filled with Christians who will never care enough to challenge a non-Christian culture.”

How to Explain To Your Kids Why Social Justice Warriors Hate Christians So Much

Aside from the provocative title, this article doe s a masterful job of distilling the issues with critical theory and how it is incompatible with Jesus’ teaching: “Because the historical structure of society is presumed to be the ultimate reason why anyone is currently marginalized, nothing less than a societal revolution is needed to fix the problems we see—a complete overturning of everything considered to be ‘normal’ in America.”

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