Rooted Parent Top Ten January – February 2021

Welcome to this month’s Rooted Parent Top 10 – a list of parenting articles from across the web for the Rooted community. This list represents ten articles we believe will encourage and equip you as you parent your kids. At the end of the list we have included several of the pieces that ran on Rooted Parent over the last month. If you have an article you’d like to contribute to the next edition of the Top Ten, please email Anna at

Gospel-Centered Parenting

The Divine Mandate for Parents by R.C. Sproul (Ligonier)

The gift that is to be passed on is the gift of the knowledge of God, of what He has revealed about Himself in His Word, of what He inspired the prophets and Apostles to tell us in sacred Scripture.

How Do I Talk to My Children about Sex? by Sam Crabtree (Desiring God)

We can assume that parents already know something about the biological aspects of sex, which, after all, is how parents typically come to be parents. I assume you know more than your children’s peers, who may already be speaking about sex with your children.

This Is My Beloved Son by David Mathis (Desiring God)

No doubt, we could name other aspects peculiar to the father-son relationship and love, but at least for these three, what stands out as common among them is the power of the father’s words.

4 Things to Teach Kids About Trusting God Through Uncertainty by Carl Laferton (ERLC)

Since 2020, my kids have lost a fair amount. They’ve lost out on some of their education. They’ve lost the ability to play with friends in the park and welcome them into their home. 

4 (Good) Ways Your Hard Kid Is Changing You by Christine Gordon (The Gospel Coalition)

Many parents have heard this line from a non-parent at some point. We smile politely and hold our tongues, knowing that the strain of raising human beings can’t be fully understood until you’re living it. 

Teen Culture

A Shift in American Family Values Is Fueling Estrangement by Joshua Coleman (The Atlantic)

Estrangement seems to affect a small but significant portion of families in the United States, and it is happening today against a backdrop of record-high parental investment. 

New Data on Gen Z—Perceptions of Pressure, Anxiety and Empowerment by Barna

Despite generally having a success-oriented mindset, Gen Z’s future-orientation doesn’t necessarily equal sunny optimism. Three in four (73%) agree that their perspective on life tends to be positive, but more than half say they tend to expect the worst to happen (56%). 

Teens Still Don’t Eat Enough Fruits and Vegetables, Study Shows by Chelsea Cirruzzo (US News)

In news unlikely to be shocking to any parent of a high school student, too many have continued to eschew fruits and vegetables, a new analysis shows.

To Share With Your Teen

Jesus Loves You, Tom Brady by Jared C. Wilson (For the Church)

God’s people have always had an inordinate bent toward strongmen, and athletes are the strongmen who have emerged from among us.

Why Questions Are Important in the Christian Life by Caleb Wait (Core Christianity)

In his earthly ministry, Jesus is referred to by nearly everyone as “teacher.” Thousands of people traveled far and near to hear Jesus teach and expound the Scriptures; and yet, even amidst his acclaim, Jesus remained accessible and approachable.

Best Rooted Parent Articles

Parents, Just Turn Off the News (Responsibly) by Cameron Cole

Your need to lead your children with peace and love is much greater than your need to know the latest news.

What Does It Mean to Be Human? A Biblical Response by Kevin Yi

As Christians, we not only have a response to this question that is clear, good, and truthful; better yet, we have a biblical anthropology that is deeply beautiful and adorns us with dignity.  

All Parents Are Foster Parents by Becky Paynter

At some point, all parents must dig deep to decide what we believe to be true about God and our children.

Abiding In Christ: The Firm Foundation of Parenting by Dawson Cooper

The more I know Him and spend time with Him, the more I trust Him with my life and my childrens lives, because I see that He is trustworthy and true.

Hey Google! I Need A Friend (Yes, Parents Need Friends Too) by Katie Polski

Parents, we must reclaim the joy that is found in meaningful friendships – and not of the Google variety. Building strong friendships is not only healthy, but it’s essential for our kids to see what Christian friendship looks like apart from technology.

Advancing Grace-Driven Youth Ministry

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