Rooted on YouTube: 2020 Micro-Conference

We wanted to take a moment to highlight a number of the videos on the Rooted YouTube Channel that are from last year’s Rooted 2020 Micro-Conferences, our 2020 alternative to our normal national conference.  This year, we are planning to have our national conference, “Promises of God” in Birmingham, AL, and you can find out more details and register here.  

Plenary Talks:

The Value of Pain and Suffering 

In this plenary, Cameron Cole examines the value of pain and suffering in the lives of teenagers. Taking Isaiah 61:1-4 as his central text, Cole assures parents and youth pastors that in his own suffering, the gospel of grace landed on his heart for the first time. In painful times, the word of God’s grace can set our teens free and heal them. We do not have to fear; “there is hope, there is redemption, there is sanctification in suffering.”


Hope for the Weary Youth Minister 

Are you tired and longing for rest? In this plenary, Christina Edmondson shares hope for the weary youth minister and parent, walking us through Matthew 11:28-30. Listen and be encouraged!


Grace in Lonely Places 

In this plenary talk, Kevin Yi encourages youth workers through a season that has left many of us feeling overlooked and overwhelmed.  Through the Old Testament account of the life of Elijah, we find a balm of grace in a remarkable prophet who did extraordinary things for the Lord, only to find himself in isolation and despair.  What encouragement can we find in how God deals with his servant Elijah?


Asian American Pre-Conference:

Peter Ong, Clark Fobes, and Kevin Yi have a combined 40+ years of youth ministry.  Here are some of the lessons they’ve learned as they’ve pastored in the Asian-American youth ministry context.

The Gospel and Justice 

In this workshop, Watson Jones III leads us in understanding the kingdom’s call to pursue the good work of justice. He teaches us about the need for how to equip students to be Kingdom and Gospel Ambassadors who properly navigate the racial justice issues of the day. 

Law and Gospel in Youth Ministry 

In this workshop, David Zahl unpacks the differences in the law and the gospel, especially in student ministry, including several stories of grace you can use to remember God’s grace and encourage your youth group.

Discipling in the Epidemic of Loneliness

Even before the pandemic hit, researchers were claiming our culture is experiencing an epidemic of loneliness. In this workshop, Anna Meade Harris and Liz Edrington will explore the dynamics of our current moment and share how the God of all comfort ministers both to us and to our students’ loneliness.

Youth Ministry Discipleship Opportunities in Covid-19 

This workshop from Cameron Cole and Rebecca Lankford talk about the opportunity for greater one-on-one discipleship that the COVID-19 season has brought to us.  This workshop offers practical direction on how to make the most of this opportunity and how to implement a mentoring and discipleship program that will lead students to greater life in Christ.

Skills Your Students Need: How to Love God Through Studying His Word

Are students in your ministry merely hearing the Bible taught to them, or are they actively learning how to study it themselves? Using the basics of Inductive Bible Study, Chelsea Erickson Kingston demonstrates how to help students slow down to observe, interpret, and apply the text, making gospel connections as they go.  Chelsea also provides recommendations for implementing this kind of collaborative Bible study with both high school and middle school students.

Fallen Idols of COVID for Teens

Our teenagers live in a world that teaches from a young age that it is what they DO that sets them apart from the crowd. And then, COVID hit. From the star athlete to the academic award recipient, achievers have watched their platforms disintegrate, leaving them grappling with lost notoriety, identity and security. This workshop from Juie Sparkman explores how we might help kids see that their greatest losses may, in fact, be a divine rescue.


Conference Q&A:

Our live Q&A from the Rooted 2020 conference features experienced youth ministers with a combined experience of 53 years answering your questions. Sedrick Moore, Becca Heck, and Kevin Yi answer questions from conference attendees alongside panel moderator Cameron Cole. 


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