Rooted 2019 Workshop Audio Third Release

Today we released five more of our 2019 workshop audio recordings on the Rooted App. All of our 2019 conference recordings will be released as podcasts in 2020. But to access them today, click here to download the rooted app, then click on “podcasts” and “conference recordings.”

The following workshops were released today:

  1. Elyse Fitzpatrick: Give them Grace, Dazzling Kids with the Love of Jesus If there is anything parents, youth workers, and youth themselves need, it’s grace. In this session we discuss what “grace in parenting” looks like and how being personally dazzled with the love of Jesus is the only way to parent or lead with grace.
  2. Greg Lanier: It Is Not About You, “The Fullness of Time” and the Historical Side of Paul’s Gospel In an age of selfies and curated social media, teens often struggle with self-absorption. Thus, it is easy to turn the gospel into merely a call to believe something and get right with God. But Paul’s presentation of the gospel is emphatically rooted in historical events accomplished by Christ outside ourselves. In this session we focus on how Paul proclaims Jesus as the climax of the big, centuries-long saving plan of God—and what that means for ministry. We show teens how they fit into a bigger gospel story.
  3. Dave Wright: Desegregating the Faith of Student Only in recent years have churches begun to understand the importance of intergenerational relationships in the church. Teens need to know what the gospel looks like in the lives of people at all stages of life. Yet often churches remain age segregated in many ways. How do we integrate students into the life of the congregation? Why is this so vital? This workshop looks at the why and how of integrating students into the life of the church.
  4. Dennis and Mary Ann Hollinger: Sex, Marriage, and Contemporary Culture
    This seminar highlights competing cultural narratives regarding intimate relationships, human sexuality, cohabitation, and marriage. We then explore Biblical and theological understandings on the meaning and purposes of physical intimacy. The seminar ends with a discussion of practical suggestions for youth workers and parents as they guide young people toward faithful and healthy intimate relationships.
  5. Mike McGarry: The Next Era of Youth Ministry The history of youth ministry might seem like boring material for a college class, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. It helps us understand the expectations parents and church leaders often have about youth ministry, some of which desperately need reformation. The last few years seem to be ushering in a new era of youth ministry where family-discipleship and intergenerational ministry are taken more seriously. This session prioritizes the practical implications of youth ministry’s evolution while discussing together what seems to be brewing for the years to come.

Happy Thanksgiving to our Rooted Community!

Advancing Grace-Driven Youth Ministry

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