Remodeling Youth Ministry

Looking for the perfect book to challenge you during the post-Christmas break? This year our friend, Christopher Talbot, has published an exceptional one for youth ministers and parents alike – Remodeling Youth Ministry: A Biblical Blueprint for Ministering to Students (with the forward by Rooted’s own, Cameron Cole).

Here’s what Cameron has to say about it:

“Remodeling Youth Ministry will help youth pastors stand in the power of the gospel, the Word of God, and the truth of Christ as they seek to make a lasting difference in the lives of teenagers.”

And here’s a more official description:

“There is no shortage of youth ministry models. Take a look at the youth ministry section of your local Christian bookstore, and you’ll see youth ministry professionals supporting a wide array of them. For the youth worker, the virtual smorgasbord of options can be overwhelming. Which one should I pick? Which is the best for my students? Which is the most biblical? In Remodeling Youth Ministry: A Biblical Blueprint for Ministering to Students, Christopher Talbot aims to integrate a range of youth ministry models. His book offers important foundations on which you can build your youth ministry as well as helpful corrections for the future. Recognizing that philosophies of youth ministry have been articulated as models of ministry, Talbot offers a remodel. Remodeling is hard work. But now may be the time to remodel your structure of youth ministry with the blueprint of God’s Word. Instead of rebuilding the youth ministry house, Talbot proposes a remodel.”

Advancing Grace-Driven Youth Ministry

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