Sex Education Curriculum, Episode 3

This is Episode 3 of Rooted’s Sex Education Curriculum for Families, “Sex is for Intimacy in the Glorifying of God within the Marriage Relationship. Misuse of Sex Creates Alienation from God, Self and Others.” It was recorded by Liz Edrington and Cameron Cole. Below you will find a few guiding questions which might help kick-start the conversation between parents and children in addition to just a few things to keep in mind as you listen to and discuss these podcasts. For a link to all of the episodes in this curriculum, please click here.

Sex brings with it inherent vulnerability for both persons. What is the positive nature of this vulnerability within marriage, and what is the negative nature of this vulnerability outside of marriage?

What are the boundaries of physical relationships outside of marriage? How do these boundaries help us avoid the pitfalls of vulnerability outside the context of marriage?

Is oral sex actually sex?

What is the problem with porn?

What is the right course of action if you are struggling with any of these things?

Things to keep in mind as you talk to your child about this: 
Similar to the note on Episode 2, keep in mind that if your child has fallen in this regard, they likely already feel a certain amount of shame and remorse. The key to healing is not merely negative (i.e., the “Don’t do that anymore” rebuke), but also positive (i.e., “the biblical picture of sex is so much better than society’s.”).