Sex Education Curriculum, Episode 2

This is Episode 2 of Rooted’s Sex Education Curriculum for Families, “Sex is Not Inherently Bad; It is Sin that Makes Sex Messy.” It was recorded by Liz Edrington and Cameron Cole. Below you will find a few guiding questions which might help kick-start the conversation between parents and children in addition to just a few things to keep in mind as you listen to and discuss these podcasts. For a link to all of the episodes in this curriculum, please click here.

Is sex always sinful? Why or why not?

Who sins sexually?

Why do we sin sexually? Or, in other words, what is it that we’re looking for when we commit sexual sin?

Why does God forbid sex outside the context of marriage? What sort of thoughts/feelings does God’s teaching on sex bring to your mind?

Things to keep in mind as you talk with your child about this:
Sex, in itself, is not sinful! In fact, it is a good gift from God! However, sex outside the parameters of God’s law is sinful. But even still, when (not if) we sin sexually, it’s important for your child to know that even that sin was paid for on Christ’s Cross. Prepare your child that they will sin sexually – everyone does. We want to avoid it but we are all sinners who make mistakes, whether that’s viewing pornography, masturbating, or going too far with a boyfriend or girlfriend. Encourage your child in the wake of sexual sin not to feel ashamed or like damaged goods. Instead, encourage them to run to Christ and ask for, and rest, in His forgiveness and mercy.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if your child confesses sexual sin to you, they likely already feel the shame of that sin on their shoulders. Of course, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t discipline them, but what it does mean is that in that moment, your child needs to see the love and grace of Christ through you.