Youth Ministry and Mental Health: Gospel Centrality

In this second episode of the new mini-season of the RYMP, husband and wife Danny and Monica Kwon talk about gospel centrality as the foundation for dealing with the mental health issues of teenagers and their families. They speak from their experience dealing with the mental health issues of one of their own teenagers. Additionally, Danny spent 29 years serving as the youth pastor at one church, while Monica is both a psychologist and a Christian counselor. In speaking from these three distinct but overlapping perspectives, they admit their failures as leaders in the church, but also how they sought to apply the gospel as the foundation for their own family as well as in their service to teenagers and families dealing with mental health issues.  

Before joining Rooted, Danny was the youth and family pastor at his church for 29 years. Monica is both a Christian counselor and licensed psychologist (PhD) who has treated mental health issues of teenagers and their families in both a clinical setting, and in serving along Danny in youth ministry. In this new mini-season on youth ministry and mental health, Danny and Monica hope to help the church, youth workers, and parents as they minister to teenagers in some of their mental health challenges. Various other guests will be appearing in this new mini-season.