Parenting, Technology, and the Truth: How Technology Is Shaping Our Children with Collin Hansen

“It’s easy in these conversations to come across as analog or Amish, and that might be a good decision for a lot of people, but it’s about learning to control those things so that they don’t control you, to use them so they don’t use you, and to understand that there are people who get paid a lot more money than you do, who are a lot smarter than any of us, who are trying to grab that attention, that we have to demand to grab back.”

Collin Hansen

In this episode, Cameron and Anna are excited to sit down with guest Collin Hansen of The Gospel Coalition. As an astute thought leader for Christians wrestling with contemporary culture, Hansen shares what he has seen and heard about the impact of smartphones and social media on children and teenagers. He invites us to trust God, but also to be informed and make wise decisions to protect our children. You won’t want to miss this episode!