Ask the Experts: Parenting Ahead with Kristen Hatton

I can’t overstate how important hope in Jesus is. I know parents want a quick fix. They send their kids to counseling, they come in themselves, just wanting me to take away their fears and worries, and the only true pointer I can give them is to look to Jesus, who is our Prince of Peace.

For parents who dread the hormones, changes, and challenges of the teen years: you will find so much comfort and hope in our interview with author and counselor Kristen Hatton. Kristen is a mother of three grown children, a pastors’ wife, and a counselor, and she is well acquainted with how parents anxiously anticipate what life will be like with teenagers in the house. In her newest book, Parenting Ahead: Preparing Now for the Teen Years, Hatton lays a foundation for discipleship that will help parents maintain warm and loving connection with their children, all while teaching them about the redemptive love and sacrifice of Jesus. Listen in on her conversation with Cameron and Anna and find rest in God’s goodness towards us as moms and dads.