Rooted Parent Podcast: Parenting With Patience in a Pandemic (Season 2: Sane Parenting in Insane Times)

In this episode of the rooted Parent Podcast, Cameron and Anna interview Chap Bettis of the Apollos Project. The author of The Disciple-Making Parent, Bettis has recently released the Parenting With Patience video series. In a year of uncertainty, division, and also lots of extra togetherness, parents may find themselves more short-tempered around the house. Bettis guides listeners through repenting of their undue anger, and into the hope of a more peaceful heart and home. See show notes for free offer from Chap Bettis.

Episode Notes

Click here to order a Parenting with Patience workbook. For listeners, Chap Bettis is offering the limited-time opportunity to access Parenting with Patience videos for free! Click here for instructions on accessing the videos.


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