Rooted Parent Podcast: How the Gospel Leads Parents and Kids to Humility (Season 2: Sane Parenting in Insane Times)

In this episode of the Rooted Parent podcast, Cameron and Anna discuss how the gospel leads parents and teens to an attitude of humility. Humility is neither a low opinion of one’s self (shame) nor a high opinion of one’s self (arrogance). Rather, true humility means knowing who we are in relation to God: sinners irretrievably lost without His grace, yet beloved bearers of His divine image.



Episode Notes

Gospel Identity Catechism for Teenagers:

Who does the Spirit say you are? One who is washed and clean

Who does Jesus say you are? One who is forgiven and righteous

Who does the Father say you are? One who is an adopted child of God

Who are you? A sinner saved by grace

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