Rooted Conference: Russell Moore, “Facing Your Fears Without Losing Your Soul – How the Gospel Equips Us for Our Crisis of Courage”

The courage that you’re going to need is not what people think courage looks like. A lot of people think ‘courage’ and what they really mean is quarrelsomeness… Courage is enduring. Demonstrating kindness, demonstrating patience, demonstrating a willingness to be reviled because you see what the endpoint is.

Teaching from the life of Elijah at the Rooted 2021 Conference, Dr. Russell Moore encourages youth ministers to find their courage in the way of weakness- the way of the Cross. While Elijah demonstrated God’s great power on Mount Carmel, he must then learn the way of weakness in the wilderness. So, too, youth ministers and parents must be willing to appear weak, foolish, and irrelevant to a world that will not recognize the strength we have in Christ.