Tweens and Teens: Equipping Parents to Make the Right Tech Decisions for their Families with Tucker Fleming

Someone or something is always catechizing our kids, and it needs to be the parents, bathed in God’s Word.

In this insightful and convicting workshop from Rooted 2022, Tucker Fleming unpacks the ways in which social media (and big tech) have fooled us into believing that these platforms are far more benign than they actually are. Fleming urges us to think about the ways social media allows us to hide our messy true selves, and even craft false versions of ourselves. He advises: digital management not digital asceticism (“you cannot solve a tech problem with a tech solution”); finding middle ground (especially if kids already have devices); catechizing parents in their God-given authority; understanding that someone is always catechizing kids (someone is always forming and shaping our children).


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  • The Social Dilemma