Fear Factor in Parenting: The Fear of Becoming Like Your Parents

In this episode of the Rooted Parent podcast, Cameron and Anna talk about a fear that might be tricky for some of us to identify: the fear of becoming like our parents.

Episode Notes

Oftentimes adults will look back on the way they were raised with a critical eye, telling themselves “I would never relate to my kids the way my mom or dad related to me”—but we can fall into the trap of calling that wisdom, rather than recognizing the fear (and self-righteousness) that lurks under that perspective. Certainly our relationships with our parents can be very complicated and we can learn from their mistakes, but we will make mistakes of our own if we allow ourselves to be driven by fear instead of led by the Holy Spirit. In this episode Cameron and Anna discuss ways to recognize when we are parenting in reaction to our own upbringing, and how to respond to the guidance of the Holy Spirit as we disciple our own families.

Family” – a sermon by Tim Keller