Episode 37: She-Hulk: It’s K.E.V.I.N’s Show

In this episode, the guys sit down to talk about their experiences at the Rooted 2022 Conference and why Mike wasn’t there.  We’re also soliciting questions for a Q&A episode that we’d like to do, so please submit questions via Twitter, Instagram, or email and you’ll be entered in to win a Thanos to Theos shirt!  We also do our final thoughts on the complete first season of She-Hulk along with our Infinity Stones ranking.  For our Theos topic, we talk a little bit about Jennifer Walter’s identity crisis and end up talking a lot about what to do with the different social and popularity disparities we see in youth group.

00:00 Introduction

00:01 Rooted 2022 Conference Recap

15:37 Giveaway Details! 

17:05 She-Hulk Season 1

27:31 She-Hulk Infinity Stones Ranking

31:40 Theos Topic

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