Episode 36 – Ms Marvel with Jared Kennedy

In this episode, the guys are joined by a very special guest, Jared Kennedy.  He’s the author of Keeping Your Children’s Ministry on Mission: Practical Strategies for Discipling the Next GenerationThe Beginner’s Gospel Story Bible, and number of children’s Bible board books as well like God Wins: Walls, Giants, and Enemies Fall.  He’s also an editor for the Gospel Coalition.  Jared joins us to do a full discussion and breakdown of the MCU Disney+ series, Ms. Marvel.  This is a great conversation about the most “faith-filled” show in the MCU, so get ready for a really interesting and relatable discussion about family, meaning, identity, and faith.

00:00 Introduction

23:08 Ms Marvel

31:03 Infinity Stones Ranking

40:59 Theos Connections

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