Episode 35 – She-Hulk, the DCEU, and Setting a Vision for Youth Ministry

This episode of Thanos to Theos is sponsored by Your Youth Ministry Curriculum.  In this episode, the guys sit down to talk about their first impressions of the Disney+ show She-Hulk, and have a bit of a rant as to what’s going on in the DC Universe which leads to a really important discussion: as youth workers, how can we learn from the DCEU’s mistakes when it comes to leading with vision in our youth ministries?  The guys also talk about what it looks like to set a Biblical foundation for youth ministry that allows for contextualization as well as leading with vision.

Youth Pastor Theologian (YPT) Article about Organizational Leadership

Mike’s latest book: Lead Them to Jesus

Contextualizing Intergenerational Integration: A Personal Narrative from the Immigrant Church by Clark Fobes and Chelsea Erickson

00:00 Introduction

01:26 She-Hulk first impressions

15:20 Your Youth Ministry Curriculum

16:31 The Sky is Falling in the DCEU

29:07 Setting a Vision for Youth Ministry

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