Ask The Experts: When a Teenager Comes Out to Their Parents

In this special episode, Cameron interviews Amanda Smith about how a parent can respond with love and compassion when their teenager comes out as LGBTQ. She reminds parents how much courage, fear, and pain their teenager may have already experienced before this conversation, and she urges parents to affirm their love and care for their child, who may fear rejection. Parents should also be aware of their own fear and pain in these moments, and they need to find those who will care well for them as they come to terms with their child’s revelation. She invites parents to hold to a biblical view of sexuality while maintaining warm and affectionate relationship with their LGBTQ child. Amanda and Cameron suggest that parents can affirm teenagers by reminding them that they are made in the image of God, and their true and lasting identity is found in Christ alone. Parents can rest, understanding that God is their teenager’s eternal loving faithful and perfect Father. 

Episode Notes

  • Amanda Smith is Care Minister at Redeemer Kansas City in Kansas City MO. She specializes in caring for people who experience sexual and relational brokenness.