Ask Alice: We Are Family: Biological Siblings Adjusting to Adopted Siblings

In this episode of Ask Alice, Alice addresses what is, in her opinion, one of the most underserved populations among kids today: biological siblings in adoption homes. She interviews author, counselor, and mother of an adopted daughter Jennifer Phillips on the joys and trials of bringing an adopted child into the home. She discusses common issues that biological children experience during the adjustment stage, including their own trauma and feelings of displacement. Jennifer gently encourages parents to let go of the pressure to “do it right” and provides beautiful, gospel-filled language on explaining adoption to children.


Social media handles: FB – Jennifer Phillips / Insta – @jennifer_leigh_phillips

Bringing Lucy Home by Jennifer Phillips

Hope When it’s Hard by Jennifer Phillips

Unhitching from the Crazy Train: Finding Rest in a World You Can’t Control by Julie Sparkman and Jennifer Phillips

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