Ask Alice: Sissy Goff on Mothers, Daughters, and Female Friendships

Until we can help a parent who is anxious, we’re not really fully going to be able to help the child. Because if parents are still anxious, it inevitably spills out when we never intend for it to.

For our daughters, relationships with other women are often the most important aspect of their lives. In this new year’s episode of Ask Alice, Alice interviews author, speaker and counselor, Sissy Goff, on how to nurture healthy relationships between moms and daughters, and daughters with friends. She provides practical tips on deescalating emotionally intense conflicts, as well as addressing the balance between being a mom and being a friend to your daughter. Sissy addresses the growing sense of anxiety that both moms and daughters experience in our pre- and post-Covid world. She also discusses the change that social media has brought to adolescent relationships and how to help our daughters identify unhealthy friendships.

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