Ask Alice: Interview With Melody Lovvorn on Parenting Children Through a Divorce

Melody and Trey Lovvorn are fond of saying, “Our divorce did not work out,” but of course when Trey’s  pornography addiction came to light and they split up, they had no idea that God would heal their hearts, their marriage, and their family in the way that He did.

In this episode of Ask Alice, licensed professional counselor Alice Churnock interviews Melody Lovvern about the difficulties of the divorce and its aftermath.

Questions for Reflection:

  1. Melody discussed being an “elder brother” as part of her own sin. What are areas of sin that the Lord has revealed to you as you have walked through your own trauma?
  2. How did you explain the divorce to your children? Has it been difficult for you to refrain from slandering your ex?
  3. How can you use your painful experience to further the kingdom of God?

Resources: – Melody and Traylor Lovvorn’s website and organization. The Lovvorns have an excellent podcast that you will find here, as well as on iTunes. Their podcast guests have included Elyse Fitzpatrick, Jackie Hill Perry, Dan Allender, and David Zahl, among many others.

The Smart Step-Family: Seven Steps to a Healthy Family by Ron L. Deal.

Dinosaurs Divorce: A Guide for Changing Families by Marc Brown and Laurie Krasny Brown. An excellent resource for parents of young children, this picture book works to answer the many questions children will have when they find out their parents are divorcing.

Living with Your Husband’s Secret Wars by Marsha Means. For women whose husbands are caught in a web of sexual sin.


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