All About Boys with David Thomas: Boys and Purpose

In this episode, David talks about moving boys toward meaning and purpose. He discusses the rising statistics, pre-COVID, of young adult males moving back home and living with their parents. He unpacks a bit of the Failure to Launch phenomena and more importantly, circles around five practices for preventing boomerang kids and nurturing independence while helping boys move toward that foundational developmental need of purpose.

Show Notes:

Ways to Give Boys Purpose at Any Age:

  • Chores
  • Part-time jobs (once they are old enough)
  • Finding ways to serve

5 Practices Parents Can Use to Help Boys Find Purpose:

  • Parent with a long view
  • Identify areas for reduced support
  • Nurture an independent leader
  • Parent in community
  • Move boys outward toward purpose


Young, Underemployed and Optimistic: Coming of Age, Slowly, in a Tough Economy

Episode Notes:

David references the first episode of All About Boys, which outlines the five stages of development for boys. You can access that episode at the following link:

Producer: Emily Heide