Talking to Your Teenager about Underage Drinking

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We are broken cisterns that are leaking, and it is not going to work to fill it with anything other than Christ.”

In this episode of Ask Alice, Alice interviews mom Suzanne Jones on how she addresses drinking with her own teenage children. As someone who has been sober for years, Suzanne candidly and wisely offers insight to teenage drinking after being in the depths herself. She and Alice discuss the driving factors of underaged drinking, as well as warning signs for parents to look for. Their conversation includes practical methods for parents to openly discuss the dangers and consequences of drinking and ways to provide teenagers with in-the-moment excuses when they are offered alcohol. Suzanne encourages parents to offer grace without shame while still enforcing consequences for illegal behavior. You’ll learn that there is hope for the teenager who drinks to fit in, escape, or numb— all found in Jesus. 

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Suzanne Jones is a jewelry designer based in Birmingham, Alabama. She and her husband have four children, and she loves sharing her experience of walking away from alcohol in early 2000’s and the transformation of her life and marriage.