Notes on This Week’s Ask Alice: Dealing With Disappointment

From Alice: The past week has been up and down in my office as the thought of heading back to school is starting to slap us all in the face. Where we live school starts in very early August. Just about every kid I’ve talked to has wanted to process their upcoming school schedule. So while the kids are dealing with disappointment, we’ve had some excellent parent questions this week on how to handle the let-downs our kids are facing.

Here are a couple of the questions Alice will be addressing in this month’s episode:

Riley Reed, a mom of three in Nashville: “My oldest daughter is 12 years old and she’s dedicated her time and energy to an incredible theater group in town. She’s put in long hours, paid for extra training and received high scores in the placement levels. However, for some unknown reason, she was not asked to advance to the upper level ensemble when a lot of her friends did. She’s sad, but honestly, I’m mad. How can I walk rightly with her through this disappointment, while I’m still hurt and frustrated too?”

Virginia in Virginia: “My son is going into 3rdgrade this year and several of his friends have moved away or are going to a different school. He’s so upset that he’s already made up his mind that its going to be a horrible year. How can I help him push past his disappointment and make the most of a hard situation?”

Find out what Alice has to say to Riley and Virginia here, and join us with your questions on Ask Alice! Email us at with the concerns you have for your students and kids.


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