Additional Notes on Ask Alice: A Conversation with Stacey Gilbert On Teenagers Struggling With Anxiety and Depression

Today’s children and teens increasingly experience anxiety and depression, and parents are looking for answers. Medication can be so helpful, but parents understandably have a lot of questions about how medication can affect their children’s health and well-being. In this episode of Ask Alice, licensed professional counselor Alice Churnock speaks with veteran pediatrician Stacey Gilbert, who answers questions from parents who are exploring medication as an option for their children. Dr. Gilbert dispels myths and encourages a balanced perspective on meds. With so many confusing and conflicting reports about medication, this episode of Ask Alice allows parents to hear the truth directly from a professional.

Dr. Gilbert addresses the following questions:

How young is too young to put a child on medication?

What would cause you to start a child on meds ? What symptoms are you looking for?

How long do most kids take meds and are they addictive?

What is a black box warning and should that deter us from starting a kid on meds?

How do medications work – what do they do for the brain?

As a Christian, how can I justify placing my child on medication?

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Stacey Stephenson Gilbert is a mom of two teenaged daughters and has been married to Skip Gilbert for 25 years. She is a Pediatrician at Mayfair Medical Group in Birmingham, Alabama. She loves all things UNC, serving Jesus (especially doing medical missions in Rio), and making homemade ice cream.


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