New Year’s Resources from Rooted

2023 sand

Happy 2023 from Rooted! As we enter a new year, make resolutions, and consider our goals, we hope the following articles and podcasts bless you and remind you to rest in the finished work of Jesus.

New Year Unchanging God by Amy Bond

Ultimately, because of who God is, we are loved and accepted. We are being sanctified by the transforming glory of the One who saves us. No New Year’s resolution success or failure will forfeit that truth.

Ten Things to Pray for Your Teen This New Year  by Christina Fox

As we start a new year, we may look ahead to what we expect and hope for our children. Often those things center around academics, sports, relationships, college choices, and other temporal things. While it is important to bring all our concerns and cares to the Lord in prayer, Scripture points us to pray for things beyond the temporal.

How Reading the Bible in a Year Helped Me Love God’s Word  by Selah Vetter

Setting a goal to read the Bible in a year makes reading the Bible more obtainable by having a specific plan and goal, instead of making a vague effort to simply read more Scripture… while reading the Bible in a year might sound like a lot, my daily journey through God’s Word slowly but surely transformed my relationship with Him into something more intentional and intimate.

Ask Alice: Establishing a Growth Mindset in Our New Year’s Resolutions 

In this new year’s episode of Ask Alice, Alice addresses the commonly set – and broken – resolutions. She helps parents distinguish between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset of goal setting. She also reviews characteristics of each and, as a parent, how to determine which mindset your child is naturally more inclined toward.

Parents, Resolve to Rest by Katie Polski

Because of God’s love and his sacrifice on the cross, there will be a day when we experience perfect rest. In the meantime, we should seek sleep, as best as we’re able, as an act of trust in Jesus, the one who is magnified in our weakness. Consider a different kind of resolution this year and pray through what changes you can make in order to better rest in the sovereign hands of our gracious God.

The Pain and Power of Goal- Setting in Ministry by Kris Fernhout

Over the years, I’ve developed many carefully laid plans for my ministry, hoping for fruit in the lives of my teenagers. I wonder, how many times did I create plans that actually impeded God’s plan?… If a change of plans mid-year leads to a restoration of image bearing in the lives of teenagers, then there is no better way to start the new year.

Teaching Haggai to Students: A Call to Consider 

In Rooted’s opinion, Haggai is one of the best books for students (and youth pastors!) to study at the start of a new year. “As He did with His people in 520 BC, God might use Haggai to call us and our students to seek the deeper satisfaction we crave in the Lord. Students might be drawn to “consider” how their over-investment in school, video games, or an unhealthy friendship has left their relationship with God wearing thin.”

Rooted Parent Podcast: A Habit Called Faith with Jen Pollock Michel 

Along with special guest and friend of Rooted Jen Pollock Michel, Cameron and Anna talk about the power of habit in the formation of faith. In the context of our homes, the habitual rhythms of worship and devotion, Bible study and Bible reading, prayer and churchgoing, all work together to develop our family’s commitment to knowing and loving Jesus.