New Missions Course on Rooted Reservoir!

Along with two new curriculum packages, Rooted is excited to announce the launch of a new course on our Rooted Reservoir Youth Ministry Training Videos. In this course on Missions, Philip Walkley and Marlon Brown, who both serve on staff at Service Over Self,  offer youth ministers both practical ways of doing and theological ways of thinking about effective missions work with students.
In anticipation of these new courses, we’ve complied a list of helpful quotes from Walkley’s chapter in our book Gospel Centered Youth Ministry: A Practical Guide:  “Bearing Gospel Fruit Among the Poor: Seeing the Poor in Youth Ministry.” We hope that these quotes, as well as these classes on Rooted Reservoir, will bless you richly as you prepare for upcoming summer mission trips.

1) “Not only does the Bible command that we serve the poor, but the Bible shows us that poverty is an issue very near to God’s heart. God cares deeply about the poor because every human being is created in his image— having dignity and value. Though humanity is marred by sin, every person bears the mark of his or her Maker” (179).

2) “As you train students to care for the poor, it’s essential to teach students the gospel motivation behind this biblical mandate […] youth leaders must remind students that service to the poor is a response to the ways Christ has generously served us. This is how the gospel begins to shape our response to poverty— spiritual and physical.” (180-81).

3) “Creating entitlement is robbing people of the joy of using their God-given gifts to serve and bless others; we are doing for them rather than doing with them. We are actually hindering them from experiencing the joy that we experience in serving them in response to the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ! Empowerment, on the other hand, is equipping people as God’s image bearers to do all that he created them to do. God has given each of us gifts to serve and bless others. If we are not careful, our giving away too much could subvert the good work God wants to do through others (Eph. 2:10)” (182).

4) “One of the ways youth groups seek to serve the poor is through short-term mission trips. These trips foster servanthood, Christlike-ness, and community among students as we take them out of their comfort zones to learn and grow. But sometimes we walk away from short-term mission trips with more questions than answers about the effectiveness of our work. In order for short-term mission trips focusing on ministry to the poor to be most effective, youth groups should partner with other organizations and equip all trip participants” (185).

5) “Picture students who began serving the poor when they entered your youth group in the seventh grade. What if you took them on short-term mission trips and local service projects while consistently reminding them of the dignity of the poor? What if they were challenged to learn from the poor and to work with them instead of for them? What if they were trained to empower rather than entitle? And what if you taught them a gospel-centered framework for serving the poor, reminding them that they too were impoverished apart from Jesus, who made sinners rich through his sacraficial death in his place? […] Will you commit to equipping students to obey God’s mandate to serve the poor as a response to and demonstration of the gospel” (189)?

For a sample of the missions course training videos, please click here. You can gain access to all of the training video courses by becoming a Rooted Reservoir Standard or Premium member.

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