Maximizing Summer Youth Ministry: Balancing Activity and Rest

For those who might have missed our webinar on maximizing summer youth ministry, we are happy to now share the recording below!

In this webinar, panelists Danny Kwon, Chelsea Erickson, Josh Newton, and Vince Greenwald help youth ministers navigate ministry during the Summer months. While summer means rest for most other members of the church staff, youth ministers often feel the pressure to capitalize on discipleship opportunities that the summertime brings. How can youth ministers faithfully navigate the summer months, while also prioritizing their much-needed rest as well? 

These panelists tackle questions such as: 

– What are some of the competing priorities that youth ministers try to balance during the summer months? 

–  What advice do you have for the youth minister who is feeling overwhelmed about all the potential opportunities in the summer? How can they discern what is most important? 

– What do our students need most from us in the summer months? How can our schedule feed those needs? 

– How can we maximize youth ministry as an “on-ramp” for students who might be on the fringes of our ministries? 

– What does fall planning look like during the summer months? 

We hope you enjoy watching (or rewatching!) this webinar and that most importantly, you are reminded of the rest of the gospel as you head into summer.