Resources for Summer Youth Ministry Planning (Rooted Roundup)

While others prepare for their summer vacations, youth ministry often kicks into high gear. Our students’ break from school allows opportunities for relational discipleship we simply don’t have during the school year. As a result we may feel we need to fill the calendar with trips, camps, contact work, teaching, and other activities—all while planning for the fall semester just around the corner. This kind of pace leaves little room to rest and recharge for the year ahead. How can we prioritize faithful gospel ministry while also resting in the finished work of Jesus ourselves?

In an upcoming Rooted Webinar titled Maximizing Summer Youth Ministry: Balancing Activity and Rest, we’ll address this question and share resources to help youth ministers avoid summer burnout. Panelists Vince Greenwald and Josh Newton will share from their own experiences of summer planning. Join us at 1:00 p.m. CST on April 18 for live discussion and Q&A.

In the meantime, we hope this roundup of Rooted resources equips and encourages you as you prepare for Summer.


1. Ask Rooted: What Does Relational Discipleship Look Like During the Summer?

Helping to provide a time of rest from the “normal” and fun in building relationships outside of their norm are big ways that the summer months can be fruitful times of gospel ministry. 

2. Summer’s Breaking Potential for Youth Pastors by Ben Bestwick

These next two months can leave us feeling exhausted and burned-out if we are not careful. As youth pastors, parents, and church attenders, it is important to be prepared.

3. Summer Reading Recommendations in Biblical Studies for Teenagers and the Adults Who Love Them by Chelsea Kingston Erickson

As youth pastors and parents, we have an opportunity to help shape students’ beliefs about the Bible early on, inspiring their love for God and His Word and their confidence in the text.


4. Relational Discipleship During the Summer Months (Rooted Youth Ministry Podcast)

Clark Fobes, Mike McGarry, and Kevin Yi discuss how youth ministry is different during the summer months, as well as strategies for effectively shepherding students during hectic rhythms, lethargic rhythms, and rhythms in-between.

5.. The Pros and Cons of Summertime: A Conversation with Andy Cornett, Liz Edrington, Dave Wright, and Sarah Seibels (Rooted Youth Ministry Podcast)

Find out how each of these leaders utilizes this “off-season” (which is anything but “off” in youth ministry), hires help (interns), and how they find rest in their respective ministries during this unique time of the year.