Blair Linne and Collin Hansen on Fatherlessness and the Church

Depending on the study, research shows that somewhere between one third and one fourth of all children in the United States are growing up in homes without a father. These fatherless children, their single mothers, and their absent fathers must be an urgent concern for the church.

In the most recent episode of the Gospelbound podcast, Collin Hansen interviews Blair Linne, a spoken word artist who grew up estranged from her father. Linne has recently released a book about her experiences called Finding My Father: How the Gospel Helps the Pain of Fatherlessness. Hansen and Linne discuss the ramifications of fatherlessness in our culture, why policies and programs don’t seem to help much, and how churches can make an essential difference to broken families. This podcast will be helpful to single parents, but it is truly important for other adults in the church to hear Linne’s perspective and pray about how they can come alongside these children and their parents.

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