“Knowing Jesus” Curriculum Sneak-Peek

Here at Rooted, we are excited to announce the launch of a new curriculum on Rooted Reservoir: “Knowing Jesus”: a study for middle and high schoolers on 10 key truths about the person of Jesus. This study is meant to engage both the hearts and minds of teenagers and to show them that learning who Jesus is and what he has done changes everything. 

Throughout these 10 lessons, teenagers will learn not just who Jesus is, but who he is for them. Below is an overview of the 10 lessons to give you a sneak-peek of what you’ll learn in this study. We hope this blesses you and your youth group as you press on to know Jesus more! 

Lesson 1: Jesus, Our Pre-existent Christ 

Jesus knows you deeply because you are his creation. Jesus loves you dearly because he created you. Jesus does not merely come into your life at some point, but he is with us from the beginning… God’s mercy and grace come as an overflow of his very nature, who he has always been. God has always been both fully just and fully merciful, meaning Jesus has always been everything we need.

Lesson 2: Jesus, Our Forgiver

There is nothing outside of Jesus’ authority, no sin too great for his power. We can be certain that Jesus has the power to forgive even our deepest sins because he has proven that power through his life, death, and resurrection.

Lesson 3: Jesus, the Authenticator of Scripture 

Since God is outside of time and human limitation, he knows that the only proof of his Word could be found in him alone. So God sent his Son to be the evidence of him. Jesus alone is the image of God to the world (Col. 1:15). We are meant to look to Jesus for the answers to our doubts. We can trust that Jesus will meet us in our doubts and he alone will authenticate God’s Word to us.

Lesson 4: Jesus, Our High Priest 

Jesus knows our suffering because he also suffered. He knows our temptation because he was tempted. While he cannot take us out of our suffering, he can carry us through it—because he is already there… He is eternally interceding as our High Priest before God and, now, all who have faith in Jesus can draw near to God with courage. 

Lesson 5: Jesus, the Judge of Man 

Who better to be our judge, than the one who already took our judgement? All the law of God was fulfilled in Jesus, and all the righteousness of the law has been counted to us through faith in Jesus.

Lesson 6: Jesus, God’s True Son 

As God’s True Son, Jesus restored all of God’s children back to him through his death and resurrection—where he became the firstborn among the children of God!… Now, because of God’s True Son, we are all brought into the family of God as his children.

Lesson 7: Jesus, Our Innocent Sacrifice 

As an innocent sacrifice, Jesus paid the wages of sin in full. Now we have freedom from sin because the innocent one took our place, giving us his life in exchange.

Lesson 8: Jesus, Our Risen Lord 

By his resurrection, Jesus defeated death. By his resurrection, Jesus sends his Spirit. By his resurrection, all who are in Christ will one day rise to eternal life.

Lesson 9: Jesus, the Upholder of the Law 

As our great High Priest, Jesus faithfully met every requirement of God’s law on our behalf. Every point of the Old Testament law and prophets showed us our need for a savior, and Jesus showed us the way. Jesus did not break the law, but he perfectly fulfilled it, so that in him, we are now counted righteous by God.

Lesson 10: Jesus, Our Healer 

Jesus will both be our hope of rescue in times of suffering and sorrow. And he is our present rescue now. He as rescued us from the effects of sin and death; and he will rescue us in our darkness nights.