Youth Director

  • Church Name: Church of the Atonement
  • Church Website:
  • Church City: Silver Spring
  • Church State: Maryland
  • Church Denomination: Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church
  • Job Requirements:

    The DYM has the calling to:

    • Know our students and their families.
    • Feed students and leaders with Gospel-centered teaching.
    • Lead students and leaders with Gospel-shaped vision, by example and direction.
    • Protect and care for students and leaders by equipping families, leaders, and the church.


    • KNOWING our students. (12 hours) 

    Knowing is half the battle. If a student isn’t known, they can’t be discipled. We have to know students before we can help them grow. The DYM will lead our church’s efforts to make every student feel KNOWN.

    As a church, we need to:

    • know their name,
    • know what matters to them, (hobbies, interests, passions, values)
    • know their context, (where they live, school, visit their sports/concerts.) 
    • know their story (trials, temptations, and triumphs)
    • know the Gospel implications for their life.

    This is a partnership effort of the DYM, youth ministry team, elders, and parents. The DYM will lead by example and invitation, through fun and personal, relational ministry with students. The goal of this responsibility is that students and team members know that they are loved by the members of our church body and, ultimately, by God. Knowing requires that our Youth team is vigilant in keeping accurate records of attendance and engagement at youth events and scheduled activities.

    • FEEDING our students and leaders with Gospel-centered teaching. (12 hours)

    Feeding is an act of service. Like serving a meal, it carries the responsibility of planning, preparing, and presenting a gospel-centered teaching in a way that is relevant and nourishing to the faith and lives of our students and leaders.

     Marks of effective teaching: 

    • Faithfully unpacks and applies the text.
    • Delivered with sincere passion.
    • Clearly exalts the work of Christ and the power of His grace in our lives.

    The DYM will be a primary teacher in teaching contexts, but will also work to equip and empower youth team leaders. The DYM will oversee the programming of all teaching contexts, ensuring that a Bible-based curriculum, qualified teachers, and reliable schedule are in place.

    1. LEADING with gospel-shaped vision, by example and direction (10 hours, 3 hours PT)

    “Without vision the people perish.” Vision is a necessary part of leadership. If a ministry doesn’t know where it’s going, it can’t be intentional about getting there. The DYM must use the gospel to discern our context for ministry,, to identify our goals in ministry, and to implement our strategies for gospel ministry to effectively reach our students. The DYM has a responsibility to lead with vision, helping to align our ministry and leaders with our priority to see students know and love Jesus and be transformed by His presence in their lives.

    To do this, the DYM will first lead by example. Before instructing others, the DYM will seek to model servant leadership and relational ministry to the students and youth ministry team.

    The DYM will also lead by direction. As a director, the DYM has the responsibility of directing team members to more effectively minister to our students and families.  In conjunction with the Associate Pastor of NextGen Ministry, the DYM will work to encourage, equip, recruit, train, and support people, as well as sustain the team in gospel-shaped ministry. The DYM will work with the ministry team to develop and refine strategies for discipling students through regular evaluation. 

    Marks of effective direction:

    • Clear and consistent communication of responsibilities and expectations for youth team members.
    • Collaborating with the Youth Ministry Team to create and publish a purposeful annual ministry calendar.
    • Consistent communication with parents about upcoming events and discipleship goals.
    • Collaboration in developing training opportunities for students, leaders, parents and youth ministry teams with a focus on discipleship and training for students and families.
    • PROTECTION/CARE – (all the time)

    The DYM will make great efforts to protect and safeguard all students within our care. The DYM must abide by and reinforce the Atonement Youth Safety Policy. The DYM will seek to provide spiritual care for every student in crisis, in partnership with pastors, team members, and family elders.

    • Maintain personal growth and skills development.
    • Participate in weekly staff and monthly committee meetings (Youth Committee and Next Generation Committee).
    • Utilize our church management software, Church Community Builder, in support of the youth ministry
    • Assist in the preparation and management of the annual ministry budget
    • Other duties as assigned.

    ** All duties will be periodically reviewed and adjusted in conversations with the Associate Pastor of NextGen Ministry and Senior Pastor.


    • Has obtained a bachelor’s degree or comparable work experience in a related field [Required]

    • Possesses a deep passion for discipleship to Jesus in the lives of students [Required]

    • Prior experience leading middle schoolers and high schoolers

    • An understanding of cultural trends and issues impacting students today
    • A philosophy of student ministry that values deep discipleship and evangelistic programming
    • Entrepreneurial and creative leadership qualities
    • Experience recruiting and managing a volunteer team
    • Ability to teach Biblical and theological truths in age appropriate ways
    • Ability to work with others and maintain positive, loyal relationships
    • Strong written and verbal communication skills across a variety of audiences
    • Works with integrity, discernment, and wisdom with student relationships
  • Part-Time or Full-Time: Full-Time
  • Contact Name: Logan Spoon
  • Contact Email: