Summer Internship

  • Church Name: New City Fellowship
  • Church Website:
  • Church City: Chattanooga
  • Church State: TN
  • Church Denomination: PCA
  • Job Requirements:


    1. Pray daily and often for kids, preparations, families, each other, and yourself. 
    2. Spend time on your own relationship with the Lord daily. Pray, read the Word, go on prayer walks, attend church, sing praises, etc. Enjoy time with your God and Savior. 
    3. Develop relationships with students where Gospel seeds can be planted. Have a plan for hanging out with students and fulfill it each week!
    4. Attend Youth Group, Bible Studies, trips and other activities  to help establish relationships with students, especially the young men. 
    5. Encourage periphery students toward increased involvement in the ministry 
    6. Encourage and train students to be involved missionally in their culture
    7. Encourage students of NCF to participate in worship and ministry of the church, and encourage the church to become more active in the lives of our student
    8. Develop relationships with the parents of the students  
    9. Lead summer bible studies and devotions for service week and mission trip
    10. Attend and help plan summer trips
    11. Organizing youth group on Sundays→ Topics, games/activities, ride coordination
    12. Meet with mentors at least 4 times in the summer.



    1. Assist in making sure all matters of security and safety, control and discipline are in place. 
    2. Assist in developing and maintaining good records of individuals and families being ministered to  
    3. Assist with youth programs, events, retreats, etc. 
    4. Assist in communicating and promoting information regarding the youth ministry to the NCF church family and students whose families don’t attend NCF
    5. Further assist in communication by promoting events on social media 

    Necessary Knowledge and Skills

    1. Highly relational with youth and adults
    2. Must be a self-starter in pursuing youth and seeking relationships with their families in the inner city
    3. Eagerness to learn
    4. Professing believer in Jesus Christ


    Basic Qualifications: 

    1. Recommendation letter from your pastor or an elder
    2. High School Degree or higher preferred


    Character Qualifications Desired:

    • Godly, humble, pursuing personal spiritual growth
    • Team player with church staff
    • Self-controlled and even tempered in dealing with potentially rowdy youth
    • Able to follow through with all instructions and guidance
    • Winsome spirit with others
    • Keen understanding of grace
    • Take initiative
    • Pray with and for students, parents, and leaders
  • Part-Time or Full-Time: Full-Time
  • Contact Name: Gianna Rakes
  • Contact Email: