Student Ministry Pastor

  • Church Name: Living Waters Church
  • Church Website:
  • Church City: Shelbyville
  • Church State: Kentucky
  • Church Denomination: Interdenominational
  • Job Requirements:

    Student Ministry Responsibilities

    Pastor Stephen Riley is your Main Ministry Mentor during this time:

    • Plan on meeting with him weekly for a standing meeting to work together in the areas of training and mentorship.
    • Pastor Stephen is your main person for guidance, but the entire team of Elder’s, Ministry leaders and staff are here to assist you in learning and growing during this internship.

    Support and serve the staff of the church as special church-wide events and ministries arise.

    Plan to attend Staff/Pastor meetings as part of the team.

    Focus on developing your ministry abilities in Intergenerational local church ministry that connects and assists other generations:  parents, spiritual grandparents, and children’s ministry within the following areas:

    Facilitate regular Student Ministry Team meetings to plan and organize all aspects of youth ministry:

    • Work together to plan and grow a weekly gathering that ensures a personal experience in worship, prayer, and a presentation of the Word that challenges a lifestyle of biblical character and Godly values.

    As connections with the church body and new young adults in their twenties increase, work with the team in developing small groups and outreach to serve young adults.  Be the lead in the Connect Team regarding young adults visiting the church. 

    Visit with specific youth ministers in the area to learn from and network. 

    Plan events, mission trips and retreats that engage students and develop their love of Jesus Christ and have fun.

  • Part-Time or Full-Time: Full-Time
  • Contact Name: Fred Bates
  • Contact Email: