Student Ministry Pastor

  • Church Name: Crossway Christian Church
  • Church Website:
  • Church City: Nashua
  • Church State: NH
  • Church Denomination: Non-denominational
  • Job Requirements:

    Specific Responsibilities:

    1. Visibly demonstrate Christ-like character, and practice the way of Jesus together with your fellow staff, leaders and all who call Crossway “home”
    2. Personally model our staff values: humble, hungry, healthy, humor
    3. Be the voice of Crossway’s vision to the students and adults who lead students in the environments you create
    4. Oversee a weekly student environment in the Milford area and work with the executive pastor of ministries to cultivate a simultaneous small group for parents of students in close proximity to the student small group
    5. Oversee all teams and aspects of a weekly CSM worship environment which includes excellent, challenging, biblical teaching, which has been prayed over and prepared to ensure all biblical communication is God-honoring and eternally impactful
    6. Work with Crossway staff leadership to foster synergy with Kidsway and young adult ministries
    7. Lead and facilitate intensive discipleship experiences including annual mission trips, camps and retreats.
    8. The role’s focus on cultivating relationships cannot be overstated.
      1. Cultivate deep relationships with students outside of weekly events through in-person times of connection, at least two per week
      2. Be available for and pursue opportunities for pastoral care within CSM
      3. Model spiritual vitality and availability for CSM adult leaders
    9. Cast vision and create culture around relational investment into the students by the CSM volunteer leadership team during events as well as during regular life
    10. Model a positive attitude while acknowledging the privilege it is to represent Christ to students and adults alike within all Crossway environments including staff
    11. Guiding students to take next steps with Jesus: baptism, serving, giving, community, etc.
    12. Other pastoral duties when called upon including but not limited to hosting services on Sunday mornings, preaching, and pastoral care
  • Part-Time or Full-Time: Full-Time
  • Contact Name: Jake Scott
  • Contact Email: