Pastor to Families and Students

  • Church Name: First Baptist Church, Jackson TN
  • Church Website:
  • Church City: Jackson
  • Church State: Tennessee
  • Church Denomination: Southern Baptist
  • Job Requirements:

    1. Meets the hiring and evaluating criteria of pastoral leadership at First Baptist Church: • Calling – demonstrates a clear call to gospel ministry and demonstrates a calling to serve students and families • Character – gives evidence of the character and conduct expected of a gospel minister, as explained in passages such as 1 Timothy 3:1-7, Titus 1:5-9, and 1 Peter 5:1-4 • Competence – demonstrates competence in matters pertaining to pastoral ministry in general and matters pertaining to this specific area of ministry as well • Chemistry – gives evidence of the ability to work well with others and be part of our pastoral team 2. Desires to serve in a pastoral role amongst the entire membership of First Baptist Church, with specific oversight of student and family ministries. 3. Possesses a sound, orthodox, holistic, and thoroughly biblical theology and is able to articulate that to others. 4. Possesses a healthy ecclesiology, which is grounded in the conviction that the church is the primary vehicle God has established to advance his gospel, accomplish his purposes, and glorify his Son, Jesus Christ. 5. Possesses a view of the individual ministries of the church (such as student ministry) that is connected to the overall life of the church and not isolated from the rest of the congregation. 6. Possesses a robust theology of conversion and is able to shepherd children, students, and parents through the process of dealing with conviction of sin, repentance, faith, and baptism. 7. Possesses a thorough understanding of the Baptist view of baptism and is able to clearly explain that to children, students, and parents. 8. Possesses and articulates a philosophy of family ministries that is rooted in the understanding that God created the home as the primary place for spiritual formation to happen. 9. Demonstrates the desire and ability to train parents and provide them with helpful resources for raising their children and students in the fear and instruction of the Lord. 10. Demonstrates a genuine love for students and children, as well as the desire and ability to relate and interact well with them. 11. Demonstrates the desire and ability to equip children and student ministry volunteers and provide them with ongoing training and encouragement. 12. Possesses good organizational, supervisory, delegating, recruiting, communication, and people skills. 13. Possesses the ability to plan and manage budgeted funds. 14. Seminary training with a MDiv. and experience working with students and families are strongly preferred (though not required).

  • Part-Time or Full-Time: Full-Time
  • Contact Name: Kevin Adelsberger
  • Contact Email: