Associate Pastor of English Ministries

  • Church Name: Lighthouse Church
  • Church Website:
  • Church City: West Roxbury
  • Church State: MA
  • Church Denomination: Baptist
  • Job Requirements:

    Here are some skills and abilities our next Associate Pastor of English Ministries will

    ● Emphasizes shepherding and discipleship to mentor and nurture students and young
    adults in their faith journey.
    ● Skilled in preaching to communicate biblical truths in a relevant and engaging
    ● Experience in worship leading and instrumental skills are advantageous for engaging
    students and young adults in worship.
    ● Acts as an equipper, empowering and developing student and young adult leaders for
    ministry involvement.
    ● The ability and desire to communicate and connect in an intercultural context.
    ● Proficient in managing volunteers, resources, and activities within the ministry.
    ● Capable of curriculum development tailored to the spiritual needs of students and
    young adults.
    ● Creates an attractional environment to draw students and young adults and engage
    them in the church’s life.
    ● Demonstrates strong leadership qualities that inspire and guide students and young
    adults in their faith journey.
    ● Exhibits hospitality by welcoming and including students and young adults in the
    ministry with warmth and openness.
    ● Flexible in adapting to various situations and meeting the diverse needs of students
    and young adults.

    ● Engages students and young adults effectively through activities, conversations, and
    events that resonate with them.
    ● Shows discernment in understanding students’ and young adults’ unique challenges
    and struggles.
    ● Displays maturity in handling responsibilities and relationships within the student and
    young adult’s ministry.
    ● Radiates warmth and approachability, creating a safe and inviting space for students
    and young adults to grow.
    ● Acts as a good listener who values and respects the thoughts and feelings of students
    and young adults.
    ● Strong English language skills. Arabic language skills are neither required nor
    ● Strong leadership skills to effectively guide and oversee student and young adult
    ● Excellent organizational abilities to plan and execute programs and events for
    students and young adults.


  • Part-Time or Full-Time: Full-Time
  • Contact Name: Mercy Bishay
  • Contact Email: