Is Jesus Enough?

In this short series, we’ve asked some folks to tell us how a past talk from a Rooted Conference has either changed their ministry, their life, or even just fed their weary soul. The previous article from this series can be found here

My first experience at the Rooted Conference was one of the best letdowns that I’ve ever experienced. I was hoping to hear strategies for growing and strengthening my ministry. To be honest, I didn’t exactly get what I wanted (though there were plenty of opportunities to hear practical advice and approaches for student ministry). What I found, instead, was a conference geared more towards my needs; it was centered not only on the importance of teaching grace, but also on receiving grace. The experience culminated in a final talk, given by Cameron Cole. 

I looked up to Cameron before he even shared his talk. He was a successful youth director of a sustainable ministry, was warm and friendly, and initiated a solid student ministry conference—I immediately aspired to be like him, or at least share some of his success. His talk was called “Is Jesus Enough?” Instead of sharing the need for more Christ-centered preaching in our ministries (which is essential!) he told us the story of his complete life breakdown. He shared his failures and weakness and his experience of falling from a highly accomplished man to a needy, undone man. He shared how he learned to need Jesus again. You’ll benefit from hearing this testimony. 

In short, this talk completely floored me. There’s a lot of weight in Cameron’s talk, and it landed well in my life. I was reminded to be faithful, not successful—which reoriented me back towards hearing Jesus instead of the erratic voice of the crowds. Can there be a more important or practical application for life or ministry? I received God’s love and grace again—I didn’t know I had been missing Him. 

My time at the Rooted Conference substantially impacted my heart and my life (and, in turn, benefited my student ministry). This year will make my 4th time attending. More than just about anything else, I look forward to seeing Cameron’s smile—which has become a kind of Ebenezer for me—because I remember where it comes from, and I share in that love. 

Join us for Rooted 2015, an intimate youth ministry conference, where we will explore how the good news of God coming to mankind in the person of Jesus Christ offers student ministers and teenagers, hope, healing and connectedness.  

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Kyle has been married to Carlyn for 8 years and has been the youth director at Christ Community Church for the last 4 years. He is currently completing his BA at the University of Central Florida, after which he feels called to pursue his Master of Arts in Counseling through the program at Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando. Kyle's philosophy of youth ministry is defined by building deep personal realationships with individual kids through discipleship, and by raising up youth leaders who will do the same.

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