Introducing Rooted’s New Scope and Sequence Plan for Youth Ministers

Rooted is excited to announce our new scope and sequence plan for our curriculum on Rooted Reservoir. This plan will enable youth minsters to plan the entirety of their Bible study or Sunday School curriculum from 6th-12th grade. Rooted is pleased to offer two different scope and sequence tracks: one that takes students through the Bible chronologically, and one that builds upon developmental, social, and pedagogical considerations for middle and high schoolers.

Why Use a Scope and Sequence?

We know that for youth ministers, it can be a challenge to know what you’re going to teach to your students. What book do you want to teach through? When should you do it? What should you be planning to teach next? To help answer these questions, Rooted has developed two different scope and sequence plans using Rooted’s Bible-based curriculum packages. These plans are designed to give you a roadmap for teaching the Bible to your students all throughout their middle and high school years.

What Do We Hope You and Your Students Will Gain From This Plan?

#1: You, the youth minister, no longer have to worry about what you are going to teach and when. We want to take that worry off your shoulders by offering you a biblically comprehensive plan for Christian education. Using one of these outlines ensures that you have a complete teaching plan for the entirety of 6-12th grade.

#2: We want your students to be exposed to as much Scripture as possible throughout their time in youth ministry. We have designed these plans to offer your students a wide selection of God’s Word throughout their middle and high school years.

#3: These plans can be used to benefit your entire church and make for more natural at-home discipleship. For example, if your head pastor knows the high schoolers will be studying John this semester, he might plan to teach an adult Sunday school class on John, creating an opportunity for parents and teenagers to discuss what they are learning at home.

How Was the Rooted Scope & Sequence Developed? Who Developed It?

Our two scope and sequence plans were developed by four seasoned youth ministers: Cameron Cole, Danny Kwon, Isaiah Marshall, and Rebecca Lankford, who represent a range of cultural and ministry contexts.

We pray that with this scope and sequence plan, you and your students are better equipped to study and love God’s Word. If you would like to learn more about our new curriculum packages and scope and sequence plan, you may find out more here.