Rooted Recommends: In the Word, On the Go- A Podcast for Busy Families

This week we discovered a new-to-us resource that will be a great tool for families, youth ministers, and anyone who has ten minutes to spare sitting in carpool, driving home from soccer, clearing the dinner dishes…

In the Word, On the Go” is a podcast with host Champ Thornton. Each episode focuses on a single verse from Scripture. Thornton hosts wise and well-loved Christian pastors, authors, speakers, and thinkers who share why that verse means so much to them in roughly ten minutes per episode. Helpful titles indicate the topic, speaker, and verse for easy navigation. Best of all, the theology is rich enough for mature adult believers, but expressed in terms simple enough that families can listen together. With over 228 episodes already recorded, you’ll be able to find some of your favorite verses, and hit some topics that will start good discussion. If your teenager isn’t much for conversation these days, this will give you something quick but meaty to share that they might actually listen to on those ubiquitous EarPods. Some of our favorite recent episodes include:

Episode 228: What Does God think when I repent again? Jessica Thompson on Luke 15:7

Episode 226: How do I handle control issues? Shannon Poplin on Luke 1:38

Episode 222: How can I be angry and not sin? Scott Sauls on Ephesians 4:26

Episode 207: What must the next regeneration know about God? Timothy Brindle on Psalm 78:4

Episode 197: Is it ok to focus on myself? Eliza Huie on 2 Corinthians 9:11

Episode 176: How can we thrive in burned-out seasons of life? Melissa Kruger on Isaiah 58:11

And, for all those families who face this sad, sad question: Episode 183: Will my pet be in heaven? Carl Bruno on Revelation 21:5

This podcast is a treasure!



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