Important Components of a Bible Study

Here at Rooted, we are passionate about theological depth through Bible teaching. One of the best ways this can happen is in the context of a student Bible Study. Are you gearing up for a new semester of Bible Studies with your youth group? We hope the following articles and podcasts will help you as you prepare to hold out the Word of Life to your students. 


Weekly Preparation to Teach the Bible at Youth Group by Matt Ballard 

There is certainly more than one way to prepare for Bible teaching, but I’ve found a particular rhythm that works well for me. Here are four steps to include in your own weekly preparation. 

Bible Storying in a Post-Christian Generation by Kendal Conner

In a generation being raised with little to no understanding of the gospel, maybe an evangelism tool that began as a resource for unreached people groups is exactly what our students need to be trained and equipped for the work of ministry in their post-Christian world.

Three Values for Gospel-Centered Bible Teaching by Ben Birdsong 

When we think about teaching the Bible to students, it really is not only about teaching, but also about relationships. You are helping a student connect in a deeper relationship with Jesus, helping students in the group connect in deeper relationships with each other, and seeking to be a voice of spiritual encouragement in a student’s life.

Essentials in Youth Ministry: Small Groups by Rebecca Heck 

The most successful small groups are ones where a leader decides to become a safe leader, and strives to create a safe group, so that our very unsafe (and yet most safe) Jesus can come and do His restorative work in our students’ lives.

Ask Rooted: How Do You Handle a Disruptive Student at Youth Group? Part One

We asked our Rooted writers to share their best tips for dealing with disruptions in a grace-filled way.


Foundations of Youth Ministry: Bible Teaching Book by Book with Steve Yates 

In this episode of the Rooted Youth Ministry Podcast Steve Yates speaks with Tucker about the benefits of teaching through whole books of the Bible without losing some of the benefits of topical teaching. Steve discusses why he teaches book by book and how he does so in a way that applies the truth of Scripture to our cultural moment. 

Small Group Leader’s Guide to (Almost) Everything: An Interview with Syler Thomas 

In this episode of The Rooted Youth Ministry Podcast, Syler Thomas draws on more than two decades of youth ministry experience to talk through anything and everything related to gospel-centered small groups. Hear Syler’s thoughts on the new book he co-authored, “Small Group Leader’s Guide to (Almost) Everything.” Then, listen to him give wise and helpful answers to questions such as, “How do I develop small group leaders?”, “How do I manage kids who over-share?”, “What’s the ideal size for a small group?” and more.

The Important Skill Your Students Need: How to Love God Through Studying His Word with Chelsea Kingston Erickson:

Using the basics of Inductive Bible Study, this workshop demonstrates how to help students slow down to observe, interpret, and apply the text, making gospel connections as they go. The goal of this workshop from the Rooted 2020 Conference is to provide recommendations for implementing this kind of collaborative Bible study with both high school and middle school students.

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