HTH: When Your Kids Won’t Bow Down to Your Idols

Storyteller Jennifer Phillips is an American living in Australia. As a wife and a mom to four kids, she writes about parenting with with and grace. When Your Kids Won’t Bow Down to Your Idols challenges parents to examine their own hearts when their kids don’t behave like they want them to. Jennifer teaches parents how to identify when idolatry is interfering with parenting. Then she demonstrates how repentance transforms our relationships with our children (and God!):

“One of the greatest gifts God gave me was a child who wouldn’t play by the rules, because He used it to reveal and smash my idols. When I see my desperate need for Jesus, I’m much more compassionate about my child’s desperate need for Jesus when their sin is on display. When I know how prone I am to worship things other than Jesus, I am much more gentle in my discipline – not slack or irresponsible, but gentle. Empathetic. Understanding. I’m not disciplining from a standpoint of, “I can’t believe you would do such a thing and boy, are you going to pay so you’ll never do that again,” but I’m disciplining from the perspective of, “We’re in this together. The same affection for sin that’s in your heart is in my heart. We’re in the battle together, on the same side.”

Her message is a tough one – no one likes to confront idolatry – but Jennifer reminds us of God’s amazing grace towards mothers and fathers, and teaches us how to share it with our kids.

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