HTH: Equipping Grandparents

We talk a lot about engaging and equipping parents as the chief ministers of their children, but we don’t talk much about the value and importance of grandparents. The Legacy Coalition is hosting the first conference of its kind, directed towards the underutilized and under-resourced throng of loving individuals.

Larry Fowler, founder of The Legacy Coalition, says “We want grandparents to have a renewed vision.  The wisdom and seasoned perspective of grandparents make them natural influencers. Yet, this potential for spiritual impact goes unrecognized in the churches and in the Christian community at large. The barriers to an effective relationship between a grandparent and a grandchild are overlooked and not addressed. Grandparents don’t know what tools are available for them to use with their grandchildren.”

Join us for Rooted 2016, an intimate youth ministry conference, where we will explore the good news that God’s grace is sufficient for our relationships: with ourselves, with others, with the world, and with God. Jesus is our reconciliation yesterday, today, and forever. 

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Advancing Grace-Driven Youth Ministry

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