Holy Week Meditations for Youth Pastors and Parents

Joe Gibbes, Rector of the Episcopal Church of Our Saviour, offers a Lenten Meditation and six meditations for Holy Week. In these short articles, Gibbes reflects on the truths that surround this week and points our eyes toward the sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Taking Refuge In the God We’ve Offended- A Lenten Meditation 

“This Lent, with the cross and the empty tomb on the horizon as the assurances of God’s mercy, we may be confident in the divine invitation to take refuge in the God whom we’ve offended.”

Into the Mess: A Holy Week Meditation

“And yet Jesus, the king of ages, humble and mounted on a donkey, rode right through the religious façade and into the bramble bush of fear, greed, misconduct, and misappropriated power; he rode right in to fight the battle for all humanity.”

Bread for the Broken, Wine for the Weary: A Holy Week Meditation

“If you take the Lord’s Supper this week, take it personally. Take it in the tension. Take it in full awareness that it is the sacrament of God’s atoning sacrifice, and the emblem of God’s gracious, crazy love for the weary and self-centered, like you.”

And It Was Night: A Holy Week Meditation

“To the disciples, to the ‘night’-causers, to you and me, Jesus washes our feet, and bids us carry on his ministry as light to the world.”

I Have Overcome the World: A Holy Week Meditation

“While Friday’s cross insists that God is working in and through the depravity of humanity and the fallenness of the world, Sunday’s empty tomb declares that neither depravity, tragedy, disease, death nor failure will ever have the last word.”

The Good in Good Friday: A Holy Week Meditation

“In Christianity’s seemingly upside-down economics, we call the death of our hero, our teacher, our miracle worker, and our God, ‘good.’ For outside observers, Good Friday is often just one more bit of evidence that Christianity doesn’t make any sense: ‘How could a cruel, gruesome, and unjust death be ‘good’ in any sense, especially for the central character?’”

Jesus Christ is Risen Today: An Easter Meditation

“This is the remarkable, revolutionary, simple claim of Easter; this was the testimony of these now-hopeful women to the reluctant disciples, and it is the singular claim of Easter today, that Jesus is alive.”


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Joe Gibbes is the Rector of the Episcopal Church of Our Saviour in Jacksonville, FL.  He and his wife Amy have been married for 20 years, but they don’t feel as old as that makes them sound.  They have 3 beautiful children who give Joe every opportunity to pray without ceasing.

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