Rooted Recommends: His Testimonies, My Heritage

One of the richest devotional resources we’ve seen, His Testimonies, My Heritage: Women of Color on the Word of God is an extended, careful study of Psalm 119 from the perspectives of twenty-seven different women. Edited by Kristie Anyabwile, this rich volume speaks to the particular experiences of Christian women of color as they encounter the truths of this psalm, which celebrates the word of God. Their engagement with the word will edify other women of color; as Kim Cash Tate writes in the introduction:

If you’re a women of color, you know the typical experience when we open a devotional or Bible study. We’e eager to learn and to be encouraged by the exposition of the word. And as the author interweaves personal stories, we try our best to find commonalities. But often it’s hard to see ourselves. It’s a reality we have grown accustomed to — yet it’s an absurd reality. The American Bible society has found that African-Americans in particular have higher engagement than the general US population. Yet we see such dismal representation in the Bible resources that are disseminated.

That’s why I’m so excited about this devotional.

White readers can be equally excited, for it is by listening to (or in this case, reading the stories of) our sisters in Christ that we can begin to know and understand. Best of all, we get a fuller picture of God’s heart for his people when we see Him through each other’s eyes. An accessible study for adults and teens, His Testimonies, My Heritage has theological depth and Christ-centered wisdom for every disciple of Jesus.


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