A Gift for All Your Favorite Teenagers

Searching for a Christmas gift for your niece, your next-door neighbor, the student you wish would talk to you, or your own teenage son? Look no further! In September of 2021 we released our first book written for teenagers, The Jesus I Wish I Knew in High School. Rooted writers and friends of Rooted share their memories of their own teenage years, and how knowing Jesus better could have made a difference at that time in their lives.

The pressure of being a teenager can be overwhelming. School, sports, jobs, and relationships all press in at the same time. But the hardest thing can be feeling alone, that you have no one to share your most difficult problems with. In The Jesus I Wish I Knew in High School, thirty authors from many different backgrounds come together to say, “We get it—and Jesus gets it too. Here’s who Jesus is and how he wants to meet you in this intense time.” 

Hear from authors such as Scott Sauls, Sandra McCracken, Michelle Reyes, Jen Pollock Michel, David Zahl, and others as they share firsthand stories of bullying, eating disorders, pregnancy, addiction, racism, family conflict, expectations, and the intense pressure to achieve. See how their encounters with Jesus brought healing, rest, and purpose to their lives and hear what they wish they knew earlier: when you know Jesus, you know what it’s like to be perfectly loved and accepted, have hope for the future, and experience grace and mercy when you mess up.  

Available through New Growth Press and on Amazon.

Merry Christmas!

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